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The Lares approach enables you to make informed decisions about your information security programs and secure what matters most.

Our Standards are High

The Lares® team is comprised entirely of extensively trained and highly experienced information security professionals, dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to organizational information security. Lares’ approach allows you to make informed decisions about your information-security programs and secure what matters most.

To stay ahead of threats and provide the highest level of service to our customers, all of the Lares engineers are required to meet a minimum baseline standard of eight years of information security fieldwork before joining the team. All members of our staff hold active Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications in addition to many of the certifications listed below.

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Certified Sidewinder Firewall Administrator

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NSA INFOSEC Assessment Methodology & Evaluation Methodology

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Netscreen Certified Security Associate

CISCO Certified Network Associate Security logo (image)


CISCO Certified Network Associate

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ASIS Physical Security Professional

Certified Information Systems Security Professional logo (image)


Certified Information Systems Security Professional

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Microsoft Certified System Engineer

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Certified Information Security Auditor

Check Point Certified Security Expert logo (image)


Check Point Certified System Engineer

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BS7799 Lead Auditor Accreditation—auditing to ISO 17799 and 27001/2 standards

Mission & Affiliations

We hold the following certifications.

  • ISO27000
  • CCNA
  • CCSE
  • CEH
  • CISA
  • GIAC certs
  • LPT
  • MCSE
  • NCSE
  • OSCE
  • OSCP
  • OSEE
  • OSWE
  • OSWP
  • PSP

We are involved in the following regulatory bodies.

  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)
  • ASIS
  • InfraGuard
  • Red Team Alliance Training Collective Critical Infrastructure Committee

We have attended or spoken at multitudes of InfoSec/Computer Security conferences

The Lares team founded the Security BSides conference framework so that the information security industry would have more opportunities to engage in collaborative improvement.

Where There is Unity, There is Victory

[Ubi concordia, ibi victoria]

– Publius Syrus

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Continuous defensive improvement through adversarial simulation and collaboration.

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