Physical Security

Stress-Test for Your Systems’ Capabilities

Lares Cyber Physical Security Testing (image)A real-world test of your facility’s ability to protect will provide a full picture of where defense and detection experience success or failure. As cyber-physical systems converge, the opportunity for attack grows and the number of potential blind spots increase. This interactive style of testing will stress test the capabilities of the most modern system and provide feedback you need to secure your most valuable assets.

Physical Security Assessment

Physical Penetration Testing

The process begins with a characterization of the facility including identification of critical assets. Guidance for defining a design basis threat is included, as well as for using the definition of the threat to estimate the likelihood of adversary attack at a specific facility. Once that’s determined, Lares® shows you an attacker’s ability to carry out physical attacks on your facility, including, but not limited to:

Lock picking Access system bypass
Magnetic door brute forcing Camera redirection
Alarm system avoidance Elevator Compromise
Ventilation system entrance Badge system Compromise
Social engineering Access Card Cloning
Tailing Converged Electronic & Physical Attacks
Procurement of badge access Safe & Vault Access

Secure Site Review & Walkthrough

ISO, HIPAA, NIST, and various other security-compliance frameworks require security to be measured at the cyber and physical level. Oftentimes as cyber programs are developed, the integration of physical security systems, cameras, and building automation and control (BAC) systems are installed without appropriate testing. Lares’s secure-site review process takes an in-depth look at all physical security controls and protections to ensure they are performing at the highest level. Assessment reviews are performed to test the functionality of current controls and provide you with recommendations on elevating the protection, detection, and response to physical threats.

Alarm System Testing

While most commercial buildings have alarm systems, more than 50% of these systems are installed with testing/default functions still enabled. This leaves the business vulnerable to a number of bypass and identification techniques. Lares’s Physical Security Specialists will identify the alarm systems in use and conduct a real-world test of effectiveness to be sure your system is operating at its highest ability—and free of backdoors/bypasses that can allow an unsophisticated criminal access.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is the formal identifier for bug-sweeping or electronic counter-surveillance. Lares maintains a group of seasoned specialist engineers who are equipped with state-of-the-art, full-spectrum, electronic countermeasures equipment including the latest OSCOR, TALAN, and ORION detectors to search for all forms of transmitters and illicit intrusion devices. Several of our engineers are former U.S. government wiretapping technicians with many years of experience at countering such threats and are, therefore, qualified to advise on all types of information security together with methods to combat electronic eavesdropping.

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