Social Engineering

Protecting Your Human-Information Assets

Lares Social Engineering Human Information (image)Manipulating humans in an environment to leak information, provide unauthorized access, or leverage employee access for nefarious means.

Phishing Attacks

91% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email. This increasingly popular way to attack organizations is one of the largest blind spots for most enterprises. While millions are spent in detecting and protecting against phishing emails, the simple fact is, one click can be the difference between a normal day and a breach. Lares® helps your organization take a thorough measurement of the effectiveness of each and every control in place to defend and detect phishing activities. Our Layer8 Phishing platform provides a state-of-the-art capability to test the defensive capabilities of your organization while providing you a real-time view into the effectiveness and risk of a phishing attack. As a core-data provider to the Verizon DBIR, Lares provides you with the most in-depth measurement of exposure from user to enterprise-wide risk. Wither it’s spear phishing, whaling, vishing, smshing, or other mediums, Lares has the capability and coverage to help you identify and fix blind posts wherever they may reside.

Phishing Attack: Metric

Layer8Labs offers a metric-based phishing assessment to assess the security awareness of individual users along with entire business units and groups. When performing a metric assessment, we are testing user behavior, not email security controls.

Phishing Attack: Spear

Lares will perform a targeted black box assessment in attempt to model an advanced actor and penetrate the network using email as an attack vector. This assessment is designed to be at a targeted user group, covert, with numerous attack payload options allowing a fully customization experience to match up with certain attacker capabilities and modeling.

Social/Human Engineering (Human Information Security)

In the cyber world of today, some may think humans are the last line of defense, but at Lares we know humans are first. Common interactions with non-privileged humans occur around the clock. While the physical and electronic controls are developed to protect and detect your users from attack, how do you protect your human-information assets? Lares has a long history of exercising social-engineering attacks to give your environment and your employees a real-world example to test weaknesses within the human factor. Lauded as some of the “Top Social Engineers Of All Time,” Lares brings its experience and capabilities to you as a commitment to identify and resolve the most complex of threats.

Onsite Social Engineering

Have you ever wondered about that person in your office that doesn’t have their badge displayed or the contractor walking around with a hardhat on? Unauthorized access to businesses is one of the most common issues in todays security landscape. Whether it’s a contractor, employee, or associate; this type of attack is quite common. Through Lares’ unique blend of testing, you can identify weak spots in your controls and training that allow these types of attacks to occur. Tailgating, USB drops, impersonation, posing as an authority, posing as an employee, pretexting, and soliciting sensitive information are just some of the many techniques used to validate the potential vulnerabilities. Lares will then provide a comprehensive plan to help stop these types of attacks before they even start.

Where There is Unity, There is Victory

[Ubi concordia, ibi victoria]

– Publius Syrus

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