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Full-Scope, Multi-Layered Attack Simulation

Lares Red Teaming Training, Staffing (image)Red Teaming is an exercise conducted to test the effectiveness of protection controls and detection controls, and to measure the quality of response through active attack simulation across the physical, electronic, and social realms.

Red Team Testing

In a Red Team Testing exercise, your organization will have the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of controls in the Social, Electronic, Physical and Converged attack surfaces. Motivated and highly funded adversaries look for opportunities to attack on all levels to ensure the success of their operation. Lares® mimics the cadence, scope, and tempo of a real attack to provide the maximum impact and largest opportunity to test all surfaces of the security program. This type of converged service transcends common attack patterns and allows for everything from phishing, direct/indirect electronic attacks, physical penetration testing, physical bypass, social engineering, insider threat testing, drops, custom implants, defensive control evasion and more. Red Team Testing will show even the most mature organization the reality of attacker success and provide artifacts to improve the program at every level.

Red Team Staffing

Lares has designed, built, executed and staffed red teams from the ground up for Fortune 10 companies and beyond. With the current shortage of highly experienced talent in the Information Security space, the Lares team offers access to its extensive network of highly trained Red Teamers. Being one of the first consultancies to offer Red Teaming worldwide, our connections allow customers to rapidly staff teams with talent and experience. Our deep roots in the security community allow immediate access to high profile talent with the ability to operate in staff augmentation, hybrid and consultative modes. Each candidate provided will pass a stringent background check and thorough technical review. Each employee will be held to the same stringent standards as all Lares engineers to ensure our staffing is equal to or exceeds the best of industry providers.

Red Team Development

Lares works from inception to help organizations build highly effective Red Teams that provide more than a “pen-testing” function. Lares Red Teams provide continuous defensive improvement through adversarial simulation and collaboration. These Red Teams have stood the test of time and provided an essential telemetry for enterprises looking for a real time view into their defensive telemetry. Lares engineers will work with your business to help identify goals, requirements, and methodologies to help build your own internal Red Team that provide value to the organization.

Red Team Training

With expert talent in short supply, our Red Team Training solutions allow corporations to improve their in-house effectiveness and broaden their skillet to meet the widest of scopes. Offering courses spanning the physical, cyber, and human domains, Lares is a premier member of the Red Team Alliance. A trusted training and education partner of the Fortune 500, NATO allies, CIA, DoJ, JTF, USMS and various departments within our own United States Government. This immersive training regimen includes classes for all levels of operators.

Where There is Unity, There is Victory

[Ubi concordia, ibi victoria]

– Publius Syrus

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