Lares Partner Program

Increase Revenue

Provides turnkey testing services that you can add to your service portfolio.

You will be generating an additional revenue stream with great margins while strengthening relationships with your customers.

Differentiate Your Company

Expand your capabilities beyond monitoring and management to include proactive vulnerability, risk, and threat detection.

Build a “trusted advisor’ relationship with your customers by offering a proactive security approach.

Gain Expertise

We arm you with the training, collateral, and human resources to help you expand your services offering and elevate your earning potential.

White label our services or present Lares as a trusted partner. It’s totally up to you!


  • Penetration testing
  • Mobile, web, and application assessments
  • Full scope and blended threat tests (red team)
  • Continuous security testing
  • Complex adversarial simulations (purple team)
  • Social engineering and insider threat assessments
  • Physical security evaluations
  • Incident response and forensics
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Compliance, assessment, and certification

Lares® (Lar-Res) is a Denver, CO cybersecurity consulting company that prides itself on its ability to provide continuous defensive improvement through adversarial simulation and collaboration. Lares can help your organization validate customer security posture through offensive security-focused services such as complex adversarial simulations, network penetration testing, application security assessments, insider threat assessments, vulnerability research, continuous security testing, virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services, and coaching.

Program Benefits

  • Access to the best security testers in the business
  • White labeled, co-branded, or trusted partner service delivery options
  • Pre-sales consultation with partner
  • Defined statement of work (SOW) with established timelines
  • Deal registration and pricing protection
  • Access to marketing programs
  • Mutual go-to-market and business planning
  • Sales and needs identification training
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Access to a dedicated account manager

How to Get Started

If you’re an existing service provider of IT security services or looking to add security to your existing portfolio of services, schedule a time to discuss your needs and how you can grow your business with Lares.

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Continuous defensive improvement through adversarial simulation and collaboration.

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