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Red Teaming is an exercise conducted to test the effectiveness of protection controls and detection controls and to measure the quality of response through active attack simulation across the physical, electronic, and social realms.

In a Red Team Testing exercise, your organization will be able to measure the effectiveness of controls in the Social, Electronic, Physical, and Converged attack surfaces. Motivated and highly funded adversaries look for opportunities to attack on all levels to ensure the success of their operations. Lares mimics the cadence, scope, and tempo of a real attack to provide the maximum impact and largest opportunity to test all surfaces of the security program.

This type of converged service transcends common attack patterns. It allows for everything from phishing, direct/indirect electronic attacks, physical penetration testing, physical bypass, social engineering, insider threat testing, drops, custom implants, defensive control evasion, and more. Red Team Testing will show even the most mature organization the reality of attacker success and provide artifacts to improve the program at every level.

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The Executive Guide to Red Team Testing

This executive guide provides a comprehensive overview of Red Teaming, an invaluable practice for assessing and enhancing an organization's security posture. Red Teaming involves simulating real-world attacks across physical, electronic, and social realms to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This guide covers the definition, benefits, elements, planning, execution, reporting, capability building, challenges, and benefits of Red Teaming. Executives can leverage this information to make informed decisions, strengthen security defenses, and promote a culture of continuous improvement within their organizations.


The Executive Guide to Red Team Testing

Lares® will present The Executive Guide to Red Team Testing at a number of events in 2024. By the end of this talk, participants will clearly understand how red teaming can enhance their organization's security posture, identify critical vulnerabilities, and build a culture of resilience.

FutureCon Baltimore
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Live In Person @ Sheraton Inner Harbor

FutureCon Minneapolis
Thursday, May 2, 2024
Live In Person @ Sheraton Bloomington Hotel


The Executive Guide to Red Team Testing

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2024 - 1PM - 2PM EDT
Red teaming is a proven methodology for identifying vulnerabilities and improving organizational resilience. However, organizations often misunderstand red teaming, resulting in suboptimal outcomes. This talk will provide an executive guide to red teaming to demystify this powerful technique and equip leaders with the knowledge and tools to leverage it effectively

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"The expertise and professionalism that Lares' Purple Team brings to the table are unmatched. We will definitely be bringing them back for future engagements."
Benjamin Vaughn
SVP & CISO, Hyatt
"They wanted to see us succeed as much as we wanted to see us succeed. This is why, 10 years later, we are still having this conversation."
Jeffrey Hecht
(Former) Chief Compliance & Security Officer, The Word & Brown Companies
"Other companies go in a hole, do whatever, and provide a report. That wasn't the case with Lares. They explained what they did, how they did it, and the impact. They then sat with the team and taught them what happened."
Yaron Levi
CISO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City


The Lares Red Team Methodology

This methodology guide provides a comprehensive overview of how Lares conducts Red Team engagements by simulating real-world attacks across physical, electronic, and social realms to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This guide covers intelligence gathering, phone conversations, onsite visits, electronic solicitation, wireless testing, penetration testing, physical security testing, infrastructure footprinting, email address gathering, document and sensitive data discovery, individual profiling, and reporting.

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