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The Top 5 CISO Findings of 2022 Report

Though not every client situation is identical, we’ve analyzed the similarities amongst our Virtual CISO clients and their respective cybersecurity programs.

In this report, you will find:

  • Data-driven real-world findings and analysis
  • Three of the five most common findings can be avoided or eliminated through better cybersecurity hygiene practices
  • Recommended fixes to these common findings are addressable with relatively simple configuration modifications.

Download our findings report today and learn what findings you can eliminate from your environment before your next audit, IT risk assessment, or cybersecurity incident.

Please note that the report will be emailed to you so you must use a valid work email. Free email addresses will not work.


Join Mark Arnold as he discusses the most frequently observed findings encountered by the Lares team this past year on Wednesday, March 22nd at 1 pm EST.

In this webinar, Dr. Arnold will provide additional details about the report findings and how to prevent or mitigate them before your next risk assessment or audit.

Some of Our Delighted Customers

"The expertise and professionalism that Lares' Purple Team brings to the table are unmatched. We will definitely be bringing them back for future engagements."
Benjamin Vaughn
SVP & CISO, Hyatt
"They wanted to see us succeed as much as we wanted to see us succeed. This is why, 10 years later, we are still having this conversation."
Jeffrey Hecht
(Former) Chief Compliance & Security Officer, The Word & Brown Companies
"The biggest benefit of having a Lares vCISO is getting guidance on how to tackle security issues and determining a realistic approach on how to address them."
Andrew Casceillo
Corporate Director of Technical Services, Ulbrich Stainless Steel and Speciality Metals Inc.

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