Meet With Lares Executives in Las Vegas

Meet With Lares Executives in Las Vegas

Meet With Lares Executives in Las Vegas 1667 542 Andrew Hay

It’s that time of year again and Lares is headed back to Las Vegas. This year we’re holding meetings in our multi-floor suite at the Cosmopolitan on Tuesday, August 6th through Thursday, August 8th between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm PST (with limited availability on the afternoon of Monday, August 5th).

Who will be there?

Christopher Nickerson, CEO, Founder, Lares (image)Chris Nickerson, Founder & CEO
Chris is an international information security figure known for red teaming, founding the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), and the Security BSides international security conference series.

Eric Smith, Co-Founder, Senior Partner, Lares (image)

Eric Smith, Co-Founder & VP
Eric is a 20-year veteran of the information security industry and is an expert in red team and full scope assessments from both an offensive and defensive point of view.

Andrew Hay headshot (image)Andrew Hay, COO
Andrew is a veteran cybersecurity executive, industry analyst, strategist, published author, and international public speaker with close to 25 years of cybersecurity experience across multiple domains.

Jessica Archer, Lares Team (image)Jessica Archer, VP, Customer Success
Jess helped create the National Collegiate Cyber Defense competition, holds several advisory and board positions including BSides Las Vegas and ISC2 NAAC.


If you would like to meet with the Lares team to discuss new opportunities, potential partnerships, or just to catch-up, please fill out the calendar below to reserve your spot.

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