Your Assistance Is Needed: Defeating Disinformation

Your Assistance Is Needed: Defeating Disinformation

Your Assistance Is Needed: Defeating Disinformation 1080 1440 Mark Arnold

Follow Up: Tricks, Trolls, and Securing the Home Worker

In our recent blog about securing home workers, we drew attention to the impact of social engineering and the spread of disinformation campaigns targeting teleworkers. The barrage of information has made it nearly impossible to find needles of truth in haystacks of fake news. While more and more of us have been accustomed to social distancing, we seem less able to put space between us and socially motivated attackers. Pretexts and pretense continue to abound unabated with each daily news cycle and presser, leaving very little recourse for home staffers to reset and refuel. In the previous article, we bemoaned the fact that there is a lack of vendors in the space to help teleworkers or our families defeat disinformation tactics. Online investigative tactician Bellingcat editor Natalia Antonova says we can all assist in this fight to pushback on the disinformation peddlers using a few readily available resources. 

Deepfakes and Coronavirus

One way is to help online consumers identify fakes to prevent viral spread. All of us are susceptible according to Antonova. Fakes are exceedingly more difficult to spot in a pandemic because of their ability to normalize disinformation “while helping erode overall trust in government and media institutions.” What’s worse is when this information is weaponized to cause panic and influence behaviors to set aside longstanding social contracts and increase behavior detrimental to society. That said, we are not without recourse. Anatova has gathered a full list for review to do just that – debunk and defeat our online adversaries. Here are a few that stood out for me

Do yourself a favor and read Antonova’s full list of tools and case studies as I think they will prove helpful in keeping you and yours safe online. To see an example of debunking tools and online analysis in action, take a look at how one set of bad actors used WhatsApp to target a Bellingcat staffer with disinformation.

How Lares Can Help

Lares understands how fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) contribute to undue fear and malaise in this digital and financial climate. It is our commitment to arm you with relevant information to protect those most valued assets – our workforce and their families. We are here, accountable, and stand ready to keep the community empowered and enabled to survive the best of adversaries. In turn, the community, the world, your family – could use your help to stem the tide of determined nation-state actors, seizing upon this moment to disrupt our quality of life. Your assistance is needed.

That being said, should you ever need our help, we stand ready.

Where There is Unity, There is Victory

[Ubi concordia, ibi victoria]

– Publius Syrus

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