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Sysmon for Linux Test Drive 1090 727 Anton Ovrutsky

Sysmon for Linux Test Drive

If you have been within planetary orbit of our Purple Team, you will know that we are huge fans of Sysmon. You can imagine our excitement when Microsoft announced that Sysmon would be coming to Linux a few months ago. Well, the wait is now over and Sysmon is available for download and use! Olaf…

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Upcoming Ransomware Webinar Series 2048 1152 Andrew Hay

Upcoming Ransomware Webinar Series

Lares would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a new series of webinars on ransomware. The most common tactics hackers use to carry out ransomware attacks are email phishing campaigns, RDP vulnerabilities, and software vulnerabilities according to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). In 2021, ransomware remediation costs globally rose from…

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Detection and Mitigation Advice for PrintNightmare 2048 1365 Andy Gill

Detection and Mitigation Advice for PrintNightmare

Introduction PrintNightmare(CVE-2021-34527) was released as a proof of concept this week on Github. This post highlights how the exploit PoCs released on Github work and how the specific vulnerability can be fixed and detected. The vulnerability itself was found and published by Zhipeng Huo (@R3dF09), Piotr Madej, and Yunhai Zhang. Caveat: All of the understanding…

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What the White House Ransomware Memo Got Wrong 2048 1365 Andrew Hay

What the White House Ransomware Memo Got Wrong

On June 2nd, Anne Neuberg, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology, released a memo with the subject: What We Urge You To Do To Protect Against The Threat of Ransomware. The most important aspect of the memo, and in our opinion one deserving of its own…

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Introducing Sysmon Config Pusher 1026 685 Anton Ovrutsky

Introducing Sysmon Config Pusher

Introducing Sysmon Config Pusher When providing various services to clients, including Purple, Blue, and Red Team engagements, the Lares team often recomends Sysmon to close detection gaps. Indeed, Sysmon is an incredible and freely available tool that enhances visibility across Windows systems and provides rich data and telemetry from which to build alerting, detections and…

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Social Profiling – OSINT for Red/Blue 1280 822 Andy Gill

Social Profiling – OSINT for Red/Blue

One of the areas that I love when it comes to red/purple engagements is profiling organizations on LinkedIn and GitHub, looking for crucial information that can lead to more juicy enumeration. This post will give you a bit of an overview of key things to look for from an offensive standpoint and from a defensive…

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Emails and Malicious Macros – What Can Go Wrong? 2048 1365 Anton Ovrutsky

Emails and Malicious Macros – What Can Go Wrong?

Intro A few months ago, we published a blog post that examined the telemetry available through Office 365, including email visibility. If you read the blog and thought to yourself, I wish that I could get more comprehensive email visibility, beyond just the basic meta-data, then the Splunk Microsoft O365 Email Add-On is something you…

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Pentesting Xamarin AOT Mobile Apps 2048 1365 Zach Grace

Pentesting Xamarin AOT Mobile Apps

Obtaining .NET Assemblies from Android Full AOT Compiled Applications Recently on a mobile engagement, I came across an Android application built with Xamarin using full Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation. This technology allows a developer to create an application in C#, and the Xamarin platform compiles that code into platform-specific binaries without the use of…

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Getting into the Blue Team: A Practical Guide 1090 1105 Anton Ovrutsky

Getting into the Blue Team: A Practical Guide

Intro Are you a person who is new to the Information Security industry and want to get deeper into the defensive side of our wonderfully broad and complex industry? Have you read a few "getting into InfoSec" guides but been looking for something more practical, specific, and applicable to your interests in blue team aspects…

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Hunting in the Sysmon Call Trace 1090 817 Anton Ovrutsky

Hunting in the Sysmon Call Trace

Intro The Sysmon ProcessAccess event has been used in threat hunting and detection efforts in order to alert on techniques such as process injection and credential access. According to the Sysinternals website, the Sysmon ProcessAccess event reports when a process opens another process, an operation that’s often followed by information queries or reading and writing…

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